The Tiziano Project seeks to provide communities with “equipment, training and the affiliations necessary to report their stories and improve their lives.”  This quote from Andrew MacGregor, the project’s Founder and President, captures perfectly the idea that access to the free tools and platforms provided by the Internet can be used to tell stories that would otherwise go untold and thus drive social change.

“The communication revolution has brought people, young and old, closer together to share in a universal conversation. The Tiziano Project was founded on the idea that it is morally unacceptable to have YouTube and undocumented injustice in the world at the same point in human history.”

This is a project that I find really inspiring and which embodies so many wonderful qualities, quite apart from the enormous life changing help it delivers to those in some of the most troubled regions of the world.  Along the way the spirit of generosity it engenders amongst the musicians who contribute to this musical chain letter is a joy to behold.  Here is a description from their website about the project.

Women, widows and rape survivors, who banded together into groups to care for each other and orphans are using songs passed by word of mouth to tell former child soldiers and abductees forced to fight that they are forgiven and should come home. They are trying to help end Africa’s longest running war which has ravaged Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, CAR and DR Congo.

★★And it’s working.★★

Soldiers are coming home, and artists around the world are similarly passing on the message to raise awareness and support for the women’s cause.

Learn more here:

Video for Change


Video for Change is the use of video to support social movements, document human rights violations, raise awareness on social issues, and influence social change. Video activism is fast becoming an effective and necessary approach for social movements.


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