A Guide to Commissioning Video

A few months ago, towards the end of 2013, I met with a colleague in the Third Sector who wanted to put together an internal guide to commissioning video.  In discussing what might be included in such a guide I drew on my experience as both commissioner and commissioned: that is, five years as a commissioning editor at Channel 5, followed by a period as Creative Director at an independent production company, and then Media Trust, as Head of Programmes and Campaigns on Community Channel and later a spell running the production unit.

Reflecting on our discussion I thought that others might also find it useful to have access to such a guide, particularly if commissioning video is a new experience for you or your organisation; or if you are also looking to put together an internal guide to commissioning video.

All the usual caveats apply. These are my thoughts, based on my experience, feel free to take from them what you find useful and disregard the rest, but however you use this advice you do so at your own risk.

Video or film production tends to divide neatly into three stages: pre-production, production and post-production.  Using that as the starting point, I have taken a step-by-step approach to the whole process, beginning with the brief, progressing through the stages of production, and finishing with some thoughts on distribution.

I hope you find this useful. Any feedback or thoughts as to what I have missed or anything that you feel would be helpful to include, please use the contact form below.  I’d be happy to include anything that will be of use and to give credit where it is due.

1. Preparing the brief

2. Pre-production

3. Production

4. Post-production

5. Distribution


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