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Digital Storytelling – How to improve your audio

Whenever I’m running a video training workshop my advice is always to buy a camera with an input for an external microphone as there’s nothing like poor sound to ruin an otherwise good video.

However if your camera doesn’t have an input for an external mic you can still record high quality audio by using a microphone connected to an external audio recorder, for example one of the Zoom or a Tascam handheld recorders, and then synchronise the audio and video in the editing process. Continue reading


Digital Storytelling – low cost video equipment

Thanks to all those who attended my workshop on digital storytelling as a participatory process at Media Trust’s Digital Storytelling conference last week (7 Nov 2013) at Channel 4. Digital storytelling banner_v2

Towards the end of the session we looked at the practicalities of the process and I promised I would put up some information about the equipment we have been using at Media Trust. Continue reading

Unirse a la celebración de los medios comunitarios por todo el mundo

International Community Media Day

¿Estás manejando un proyecto de periodismo ciudadano en tu comunidad?  o ¿utilizas medios comunitarios para formar a los ciudadanos y dar la voz a las preocupaciones de comunidades marginalizadas ignoradas por los medios de masas?

Durante el mes de noviembre en Leicester, Inglaterra, un proyecto de periodismo ciudadano está montando un día de acción para hacer vínculos con medios comunitarios a nivel mundial como parte de una semana de medios comunitarios.   El fundador del proyecto, John Coster, tiene la ambición de hacer contacto con otros proyectos similares a nivel global durante un maratón mediático de 12 horas.  Continue reading

International Community Media Day


Citizens’ Eye is running an international day as part of its week long celebration of Community Media

Under the creative eye and energetic presence of founder John Coster, Leicester-based Citizens’ Eye has been expanding its celebration of all-things Community Media from a few days to a week long festival of citizen journalism, community media, and even a doc film festival. Continue reading

Talking Digital Media: What’s Bia’s favourite app.


Delivering a couple of workshops at this year’s UK Community Foundations conference in Bristol on the use of digital media within the project evaluation process I grabbed a quick Audioboo chat with Bia Carneiro, Research and Learning Manager for the Fair Share Trust project at UKCF.  Just a bit of fun to demonstrate to workshop attendees how quick and easy it is to capture stories using this great App. Continue reading