One easy way to make a GIF

I’ve always liked the GIF, but despite my love of all things tech-y and having access to all sorts of editing software, it’s long been admiration from a distance.  I’ve never tried creating one.  Until now.

Thank you 3

Inspired by Tumblr’s Liba Wenig Rubenstein and her account of the The Rise of the Animated GIF at Media Trust’s Digital Storytelling conference I decided to have a go. And these are the, admittedly rather gaudy, results.

I have to immediately confess that I took the easy way out and used the website, and the process was remarkably easy as a result.  I did try Photoshop but the version we have at home won’t do video GIFs, though that is next on my list of things to rectify.

Thank you 4The only difficult bit is finding something that will look interesting when animated.  Since I thought it would be fun to create one we could put into newsletters and onto the conference website to say thank you to delegates and speakers, in a way that would echo the theme of the conference, I went with the above.

Taking video I shot at the conference, which included time lapse (I’ve written here about how I did that), I thought a GIF which went from opening to closing and included fleeting glimpses of every keynote speaker was the way to go.

Using editing software (Final Cut Pro X in my case) I compiled a 2 second sequence, generated a caption to put a thank you message over the footage and played it out as a .MOV file.

That, to be honest, was the most complicated part.  I simply uploaded it to the makeagif site, told it how long the footage was, and that was it.  You can generate GIFs on the site from a variety of sources, but with video you will need to specify the section you want to use which will mean editing it beforehand.

Once completed you can download and embed in blogs or put into emails.  Fun, and very simple.  And by creating an account, which I didn’t do, you can make GIFs without the watermark in the bottom right hand corner.



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