Could your charitable or community organisation benefit from having a video made for free?

In five weeks time, June 1st – 7th, it’ll be Volunteers’ Week.

As part of Volunteers’ Week 2013 I would like to offer my services as a video maker to a Leeds based charity, community or voluntary group to make them a video for free.

I live in Leeds, but professionally I spend a lot of my time working with small community groups around the country helping them to develop their video making skills, shooting and editing etc.  Naturally, therefore, I think video can be a highly effective way for an organisation to convey what it does and the impact it has to supporters, potential funders, and the wider community.

If you think your organisation could benefit from a short video I’d be happy to make it, but first please read the guidelines below.

1. You must be a local organisation based within the Leeds postcode area primarily serving the people of Leeds. Sorry no local offices of large national or non-Leeds based charities.

2. Please send 100 words explaining what your organisation does and who you aim to benefit through your work; and a further 100 explaining how and why a video would help your organisation, and how you would use and distribute the video.

3. Email the above to leedsvideovolunteer (at) with your contact details.

4. I have no idea whether this will be over or undersubscribed. In the event that I am overwhelmed by the response I will put it to the vote on Twitter.

6. The closing date for applications is midnight on Friday May 17th, and a decision will be made by Friday May 24th.

7.  I’ll shoot and edit the video, source any music etc and deliver it to you as a digital file.  Any questions email me at leedsvideovolunteer (at) and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

8. If you want to know more about me look under the About section of the blog; under Video Volunteering you can see a some of the videos I’ve made for local organisations.  You can also see this video that I worked on with the West Howe community in Bournemouth to produce as part of a larger project for Fair Share Trust.

I really hoping that this offer will be useful to those organisations that ordinarily would not consider commissioning video because of the cost.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing what sort of response I get.



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